Saturday, April 9, 2011

Went to Knitting Fantasy Today

I went to the Knitting Fantasy today with my friend Anne and my mother. We had a blast. I love the exchange table where everyone puts what they no longer need or want, and then you take what you want. I grabbed some great stuff. I got quite a few skeins of yarn, a couple pair of knitting needles that I needed, and a knitting needle holder that is a fabric tapestry. I was really happy with the square tunisian knitting needles that I got today for free, and my friend just bought them for $72 2 days ago! I picked up 2 more skeins of 100% peruvian wool yarn for the purse that I'm almost halfway thru crocheting. I also picked up some roving to dye and felt and sculpt into flowers for my purse.

Here are some pics of us and the knitting vendors.

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