Saturday, June 15, 2013

FO For Father's Day and Sweater Mishap

I decided to Etch a couple of large mugs for my dad for Father's Day.  I think they came out pretty good.  I have decided that I will take orders for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Mother's and Father's Days, etc.  I am going to charge $40 for a pair of large mugs, and prices will vary depending on the custom order.  You can see a picture below of the mugs and the card that I made.  You would be surprised of the amount of time that goes into the planning and prep!

If you look real close, you may be able to make out what they say.  One says "Gone Fishing", and it has a pic of a fish at the bottom.  The other mug says "Dad", and it has a pic of skull and crossbones at the bottom.  My dad rides a Harley, so it's perfect for him, and he loves to fish.  The card is a little feminine, but I don't have anything masculine right now.

I recently finished an Irish Lace Sweater featured in Crochet Magazine in the Spring 2012 Issue.  It's the one on the cover.  I decided to use a 4 ply instead of the 2ply recommended since I couldn't find the 2ply in my area. I compensated with a smaller hook.  I put it one and on both sides in the front, there are humps in the fabric.  I have decided that I am going to take out that area and crochet it flat to fix it.  The other area that I'm having difficulty with is in the waist.  The waist isn't quite wide enough.  I need a couple of more inches.  I may add a couple of inches to the bottom since the top, middle, and arms are fine.  Any suggestions???  Pics are below:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I am also working on my own entrelac pattern that I believe is new. I am hoping to try to submit it to the magazines and fairs.  After that, I will show it, and post the pattern.  Don't forget to check out Cropperhopper's Stuff at to see some of the new items available.  I will be adding baby and toddler items as I have time to make them.  I always take orders for any type of item.

Happy Hookin & Scrappin,


Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Pretty Slippers

I crocheted a pair of slippers, because my feet are cold all of the time.  I'm also getting bored with the afghan, and I need short projects to keep me going.  Here is a pic of the slippers:

I'm also working on another project.  I'll give you a sneak peek here:

I took a couple of pics of 2 of my dogs.  The first one is Sweet Pea, and the silver one is Princess.

Finally, we went shopping yesterday, and I a pic of my yarn haul.  It's not very big this month.  Hopefully I can get more next month.  :)

I think I may have to buy one or two more skeins of the Paton's before I finish the sweater that I've been working on for a year.  I've been buying the yarn as I can afford it, and crocheting it here and there.  Most of the time, I get the yarn 40% off at Jo-Anne's or Michaels.  It's really saving me a lot of money!

I finally cleaned my scrapbook room.  I haven't scrapped 6 months now!  I think I found my mojo.  Now, my room seems to be inviting me to come in and scrap.  Going through my things and organizing them, I got a lot of ideas for future projects. :)

Happy Hookin & Scrappin,


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crochet Along Hosted by Red Heart Yarn and

As you can see from the title, I entered the contest put on by and Redheart Yarn.  You have until May 31rst to crochet the Good Morning Sunshine mug cozy and provide a link to your blog along with a pic.  The prize is a huge bag filled with all types of Red Heart yarn valued at over $100!  It's the same bag being given away on the Crochet Crowd's Cruise!  I really hope I win!!!!

Here is a pic of my finished Sunshine cozy:

I'm still working on the entrelac afghan.  I want to enter it in the local fairs if possible when I'm done.  I think this is the best one that I've done yet!  I may have an order for a sweater for a little girl.  I do take any and all orders for crochet.    There is a link for my Etsy store at Cropperhopper's Projects.  I have been very busy crocheting lately.  Unfortunately, the afghan takes forever to crochet.

I finished a tank top for my mother, but I keep forgetting to have her try it on.  If it doesn't fit, I'll give it to my sister as a gift.  :)  It calls for elastic in the back, but I want to wait and see if it needs it.  It doesn't look like it will.  I have a few items on my list to crochet.  I want a nice warm pair of slippers.  My feet are always cold, since I have been on coumidan.  I want to make a few potholders and dishclothes.  Tawashis are always needed, and there is a beautiful cardigan that I have my eye on in the Vogue Crochet summer issue.  I even have an idea of the color and where to purchase the yarn cheap.  I know as soon as I make it, my mother is going to want one.  :) 

I'm thinking of starting a book club where we read a book every 2 or 3 weeks and crochet patterns to go along with the books.  Is anyone interested?  Let me know.

Happy Hooking & Scrappin,


Monday, April 15, 2013

New Pattern Coming Soon!

New Pattern Coming Soon

I have been working on a new afghan pattern using a Tunisian crochet hook.  It started out as entrlac crochet, but it has evolved into a new pattern atogether.  I am also working on finishing a tank top pattern using Lion Brand cotton.  I did miss the knitter's fantasy due to my husband receiving surgery the day before.  I definitely plan on attending next year.  I want to enter my new Afghan pattern in some crochet magazine submissions prior to releasing pics and the pattern.  I just won a free subscription to Crochet magazine.  What projects are you currently working on?  

I haven't been scrapping at all the past few months, but I plan to go to scrap at my local Pat Cataan's this Saturday.

Happy Scrappin & Hook in,


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I finally finished the dog sweater that I was knitting.  I knitted it in Pittsburgh Steelers colors, and it took 2 months!  I tried it on, and my poor dog just looked at me, because it was 2 sizes too big.  LOL!  I tore it apart, and I re-knitted the sweater, and it fits perfectly.  I had to add some to the length, and I think some around the belly, but it looks much better than the one that he couldn't wear.  I will take a pic of him, and post it later.  I just finished it today.

I haven't had a chance to start scrapbooking yet, due to illness.  However, I went to Jo-Annes and got a bunch of Christmas papers and embellies for my Christmas pics.  I can't wait to use them along with my bind-it-all to make my own albums.j

I also bought some sock yarn for a scarf that will be a birthday present.  I will post a pic when I'm done.  I made one for my sister, and my Aunt requested one in the same colors for her birthday.  DH is crazy, and he just went for a motorcycle ride!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,