Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I forgot to take pics of the presents that I made for people before I wrapped them, so I will be posting pics of people with their gifts so you can see why I have been so busy. I made all of my cards and tags this years of which I forgot to take pics of too. LOL! You wouldn't think that I have a blog! I am starting to learn my video camera after 5 months, so that I can post video logs. I went scrapping last weekend with my mother. I convinced her last month that it would be relaxing. We looked at each other last week, and said we were crazy to go scrappin one week before Christmas. We just exchanged gifts with extended family last nite, and I think one of the neatest gifts was the Steeler's party bag. It was filled with mugs, hats, ornaments, pencils, noise makers, etc. for the big game day. My hubbie and I loved it! Right now, I'm trying to win the Cricut mini cake machine on e-bay. Wish me luck! I can't afford the big one. I'm using x-mas money to try and buy one. I hope your holidays are going well. I will post our scrapping results within the next few days.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,