Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures of Finished Objects!

I finished several projects that I've been working on lately.  I've been busy crocheting and knitting.  Right now, the cowl that I knitted is being blocked.  It's not much to look at until it dries.  It's an infinity cowl made with mohair.

I crocheted a chemo cap for a woman.  It has a flower on the side.  It will be on sale in my Etsy store for $8, and that includes shipping.

I made 2 preemie baby hats that will be on sale in my Etsy store.  They will be for sale for $6 each, and that includes shipping!

I also made a dark red or maroon Tam.  The color doesn't come out right in the picture.

This hat will also be for sale in my Etsy store for $12 which includes shipping.  The second picture shows more of the detailed stitches.

As you can see, I have been busy!  I don't know what I'm going to work on next, but if you have a request, please feel free to email me.

I haven't worked on my scrapbooking lately.  I haven't felt like it.  I just feel like doing needlework right now.  I think it's because I'm feeling under the weather and a little more in pain.

DH goes on his trip across the US like easy rider in 2 weeks!  Maybe I'll go to the scrapbook store then!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Friday, July 20, 2012


My WIPs are a cowl made from a real pretty acrylic/mohair mix from Paton's Divine named Richest Rose.  To me, it's a cross between a rose color and a purple.  It's a very pretty color, and very, very soft!  The pattern is #142 Drawstring Lace Cowl from  It's a free pattern, and you can joing the knitting club for a free pattern every month with giveaways!

I am also working on a Slouchy Beanie pattern by Vickie Howell.  I printed the pattern from one of her emails that she posts for her Caron yarn.  I am using The Simply Soft Caron yarn in a Burgundy color.  I'm a little less than halfway done, and it's turning out really nice!  The color is allowing the feature to stand out quite nicely.  I am really pleased with it so far.

Tomorrow is scrapbooking day at Pat Cataan's, but I don't feel like going.  I don't feel as if I have the energy to drag everything out and back again, let alone scrap.  I think that if I do anything, I'd rather do it at home.  Right now, I'm having fun working on knitting and crocheting.  I just hope my yarn stash holds out. :)

I'd like to hear from you if you have something on your hooks.  Send me a picture or a link to show me what you are doing, whether it's scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting, or stamping.  Maybe it will give me some inspiration.

Happy Scrappin & Hooking,


Friday, July 13, 2012

New Sock Monkey Cup Cozy in My Etsy Shop!

Hi everyone!  Life has kept me busy the last week and a half!  I was busy filling an order for my Etsy shop.  I have a new product for my etsy shop, and it's a Sock Monkey Cup Cozy made to fit the to-go cups.  It will also fit the new tumblers that Starbucks just came out with.  (I just bought one from Starbucks for myself.)  The pattern I used is from Frayed Knot.  She has given me permission to use it as long as I give her credit for the pattern.

Here is a pic of my newest creation:

Notice she has a red flower on the left side of her head.  I can make male ones too without the flowers.  So you can get both male and female cup cozies.  I can also make as many as you want to order.  Just email me how many you want, and how many male or female cozies you want, and give me a time frame.

I haven't had time to scrapbook, because I was crocheting day and night to fill orders, but I plan to go within the next 2 weeks.  I have the 3rd Thursday at Pat Cataan's coming up, a church scrapping night for free on the 22nd coming up, and I hope to go to Scrapbooking Expressions soon.  I did buy some stuff recently, and I will post my haul in my next post.

I bought a ton of yarn!  I bought 2 more skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Earth and Sky to finish my crocodile purse.  Now I can't remember how to do it!  Lol!  I have to watch the video again.  I bought a one pound skein of white baby yarn, 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Buff Fleck, and 1 pound of Mill Ends mixed fibers (red).  I still forgot the sock yarn to finish the shawl that I started 2 months ago!  I did finally break down and bought comfort grips for my crochet hooks for $3.49.  They work great, and save me from spending $80 or more on the expensive crochet hooks that already have them on.  I highly recommend them.  Mine are made by Kahoot Products.

I need to make some extra money before August 12th, because DH will be traveling to Omaha, NE to pick up a new motorcycle!!!  We are so excited!  This will be his first big trip on a motorcycle across the country!  He's stoked!  Anywho, I need to start selling on Etsy to help pay for trip.  Please take a look to see if there is something that you would like.  If there is something that you would like to custom order, but you do not see, please feel free to email me and we can discuss the details.

I know the fourth is over, but we did go to the beach, and I went swimming.  DH sat on the shore waiting for me, (isn't he sweet?) because he doesn't swim.  Then, we went home and had a picnic.  Afterwards, the entire neighborhood sounded like a war zone (NO KIDDING!), and the sky was lit up for hours!  We sat and watched the light show.  We had a few cones and sparklers, and we did a few.

He made me a video of the fourth of July, and he was supposed to post it on youtube.  So, if you get the chance, go to cropperhopper on youtube to see if he posted it and let me know.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Free Class on!

For all those who would like to know the differences between the different types of wool.  There is a free class on!  It describes the difference between the fibers, the drape, how well each felts, etc.  I highly recommend taking this course if you are a knitter.  I will be taking this course too.

Tomorrow I hope the rain will hold off long enough for dh and I to go to the beach.  There is nothing like the feeling of sand between your toes.  I can't wait!  We also have an awesome picnic planned.

I'm starting to fall asleep, so I'm getting off the computer. :)

Happy Scrappin & Happy Hooking,


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rent/Tax Rebate for Seniors in PA

For those of you whom might be interested, now is the time when the tax/rent rebate is being sent to the seniors and disabled in PA.  You need to apply at tax time for the rebate if you rent or own your home and fall into the income guidelines.  It is well worth checking into.  The top rebate is $600 for the year!  This is sponsored by the PA lottery.

I hope everyone is getting ready for the fourth?  I'm not doing anything fancy.  That's why your not seeing anything made with the Cricut.  I just got over a migraine from yesterday.  I had to dig to find the last of my medicine and slept all day.  Dh and I are going to the beach for a few hours, and then coming home with the pups for a cook-out!  We are finally able to get the gas tank for grill filled today.  Hooray!  We are the type that grill all year round.  Not having the tank filled, is like not having bread!

Dh is putting up a canopy in the yard for the Fourth too.  Our poor dog (Cinnamon) is already scared to death every night from the noise.  It will be a couple of weeks until the neighborhood gets quiet again.  Some of the neighbors use the M80s, even though they are illegal.  The cops don't care, because they put on a better show than the places that have the fireworks!  Go figure.  Any who, I'm thinking of trying that Thunder coat from Petsmart.  It's a little pricey, but well worth him having peace of mind.  If it works in thunderstorms that would be great too.  Has anyone tried it yet?  I'd like to know how well it worked.  My dog has been buck shot in the leg when he was homeless, and I think that the ozone smell is what triggers his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Yes, dogs get it too!

I have too buy more yummy yarn today to make more sock monkeys for my etsy store.  I love buying yarn!  One can never have enough!  I always run out!  Of course I'm always making something.  I haven't been knitting anything lately though.  It seems that it takes soooo much longer to make anything, and it's never as nice as what I crochet.  I know I'm just being impatient, since I've been crocheting forever, and I just started to knit!  I am going to attempt a pair of colorwise mittens with a design.  We'll have to see if I can carry the strands without getting them tangled.

Happy Fourth of July!