Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I forgot to take pics of the presents that I made for people before I wrapped them, so I will be posting pics of people with their gifts so you can see why I have been so busy. I made all of my cards and tags this years of which I forgot to take pics of too. LOL! You wouldn't think that I have a blog! I am starting to learn my video camera after 5 months, so that I can post video logs. I went scrapping last weekend with my mother. I convinced her last month that it would be relaxing. We looked at each other last week, and said we were crazy to go scrappin one week before Christmas. We just exchanged gifts with extended family last nite, and I think one of the neatest gifts was the Steeler's party bag. It was filled with mugs, hats, ornaments, pencils, noise makers, etc. for the big game day. My hubbie and I loved it! Right now, I'm trying to win the Cricut mini cake machine on e-bay. Wish me luck! I can't afford the big one. I'm using x-mas money to try and buy one. I hope your holidays are going well. I will post our scrapping results within the next few days.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi everyone! You have a chance to win $25 by shopping at a locally owned store. Just click on the link above and enter. Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I've been busy with my aunt who has colon cancer, and then I've been sick for 2 months since her roommate in the hospital had something and we all got it. I have no immune system, and it totally wiped me out, while everyone else was better in a week or two except for DH. He has no immune system either. He also has fibromyalgia. Anyway, I've been very busy crocheting and knitting Christmas gifts, and I will be posting pics. I want to start working on tags and cards soon. I am working on a granny square blanket using up my scrap yarn, and I am finding that my stash is seriously depleted. I am going to have to stop buying scrapping supplies for a while and concentrate on yarn until I have enough. Let me know what you are working on, I'd love to hear from you. Happy Scrappin and Hookin, Michelle

Monday, August 29, 2011

ATC Cards Made for the First Time!

Hi everyone! I just learned how to make ATC cards. For those of you who don't know what they are. They are 2 1/2 in. by 3 1/2 in. cards made out of file folder material or out of playing cards. You decorate them all identical in sets, and then number them in the order they were made. For instance, 1 out of 10, 2 out of 10, etc. Then you sign your name on the back of the card. People trade these cards all over the world. You keep them in plastic sleeves to protect them. You can use rolodexes to store them, or 7 gypsies has a storage system for them. You can also store them in tins. Some people prefer library drawers. They are very collectible, and some are very valuable and worth a lot of money. One that I know of just sold for almost $300, because of the rare picture of a rare horse on it. You just never know. So start saving all your tiny pieces of ephemera, hardware, etc. You will need it for these ATC's. These are so much fun, and a good part of the fun is trading them for cards that you want that you didn't make. It also feels great when someone else loves your art. Here are some pics of my cards from the class that I'm in.

Can you tell how excited I am? I know they have been out there a while, but they are new to me. I was just starting to get interested, and they introduced them to us at our scrapbooking Mystery book club at the Scrapbook Studio in Niles, OH. I love that store. I am hoping I can take the class on making 2 albums from paper only for $25, and they provide all the materials. Along with making the albums, they teach you about weight, and how to make pockets, tags, movable parts, etc. You learn so much! There's also a class for breast cancer for $25, and you get the I-rock tool, the jewels, and a template with the jewels! I think it's well worth taking just for the product! It sounds like a lot of fun too. Take along a survivor or someone going thru cancer with you.

I have a pic of my latest crochet project. I made sock monkey water bottle holders for myself and my mother. Everyone loved them at the Scrapbook Studio. I will make them for anyone who wants them for $4.50. Shipping will be negible and at cost. I will also be selling them in my Etsy store in Pynoblem's Etsy Store. I will accept Paypat, cash, money order, or cashier's check.

I have wonderful pics of my father and mother holding my granddaughter. They would be her great grandparents. The pics are below. Isabella is now 1 month old!

The young lady opening the gift is Jeni the mother of my grandbaby. Our family bought her a stroller with a carseat and a base for the carseat with Pooh bear of course!

I made a bunch of miniature die cuts with my Cricut today, and I'll be working with my friend Anne and hopefully my mother tomorrow afternoon on our ATC's. Anne is really talented and artistic, and it's starting to rub off on us. LOL! I just bought some wonder Red Heart Collage yarn. The color is Art. I got it on sale at Ollie's for $1.99! a skein. I also bought a pound of baby yarn (purple) for $8. That wasn't so much a great deal, but I needed baby yarn for all of the projects for Isabella that I want to make. I even have plans for when she is a couple of years old! Is this normal?

Gotta go, it's getting late.

Happy Scrapping and Hookin,


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a new Grandmother!

Isabella Rose born on 7/27/11! She was born with a full head of hair just like her daddy! I have been so busy with her birth and my son moving back home again. I apologize for not keeping up with the site. I am having difficulty with uploading pics. You can see her pics up on my facebook page.

I did go to the Dove chocolate crop where we made a mini album of all the Dove chocolate recipes that we tasted at the crop. We all had such a good time. It took place at the Scrapbook Studio Cafe in Niles, OH. They have been having a ton of classes, and we have been learning so much! I don't know how to fix this picture thing. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. It's been over a month now since I have been able to post a picture. I may have to move to another site, and I really don't want to do that. I am learning how to bind books with paper to make them really strong. Once I feel comfortable, I want to make a video to demonstrate how to do this technique. Please let me know what other types of videos you would like to see.

Keep in mind for those of you who crochet or knit, I will also be making how-to videos. So please feel free to request certain videos.

Happy Scrappin and Hookin,


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July!

I worked on last years Christmas photos and my DH's birthday photos. I am not sure in some cases what paper I used. I do know that the Christmas stickers and the traveling mats for the photos I used were K&Company. I used DCWV Flower stickers and tags with flowers from the same brand. I will try to tell you which papers I used as I go, but as we were at Pat Cataan's, they have products that are unlabeled. I apologize.

Creating from the Heart is celebrating her 3rd year on the net, and she is having some big prizes. Go and register here:

First things first, I have to show you the neck warmer that I finished. It's my first ever knitting project, and it turned out beautiful! I used the boucle yarn, and it only took about a 1/2 a skein. I also used 2 buttons that I picked up on sale. Here it is below:

I used the Winter Wonderland (I believe) Christmas cart for the Cricut at Pat Cataan's for my titles and some of the icons.

The next couple of pages are from our trip to altoona last year. The paper is DCWV.

I had a lot of fun with the ladies and my mother scrappin at Pat Cataan's, but I was disappointed with the lack of new paper and new embellies. They had the same stale supplies that they have had for the last 3 years. However, on a good note, I was able to get 2 of Tim Holtz antiquing inks with my coupon. They also had Cricut carts on sale for $20 for 3 days, and if you used your coupon from scrappin, they only cost $8!!! I sadly did not have the money after going on a shoppin binge at the beginning of the month. I simply bought what I was running out of, and it very quickly added up to hundreds of dollars! I had sticker or receipt shock when I was done. Needless to say, I won't be buying much through to Decemeber, because I have to pay our house taxes. I am on a strict budget since I have been forced into early retirement. Sometimes I wish I could work part-time just to supplement my crafting habits. LOL! I hope you enjoy my layouts. I will definitely have much more on Saturday nite.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Court's Crafts DT Call

I am applying for Court's Crafts DT call. Below are the three projects that I selected for review.

Wish me luck!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Creative Classroom Course

I am so thrilled with the first week of My Creative Classroom Course "Nifty Gifty" with Jennifer Priest! She has her own blog too for those of you that are interested. Here is a pic of the Apron recipe book that I made so far.

I used too many different types of paper too remember, but I used Mrs Grossman's stickers that I used my baby powder duster on the backs of them to remove the stickiness. Then, I put a pop dot on the back to make it stand out. The front and back panels are attached to each other so that you can stand them up while looking at the smaller panels. The smaller panels are attached to the back panel on the side so that you can flip through them.

I will have to take a pic, but I have also finished knitting a neck warmer. It's my first knitted project! I'm very proud of it, because it actually looks like the picture, and it's very pretty. I'm on the lookout for a new easy knitting project. I went scrapbooking at Pat Cataan's today, and I will be showing you what I did there over the next couple of days. I took my time, and I did a couple of 2 page layouts using the Cricut. When I got home, DH treated me to Pizza Hut! We had a really nice time. We hadn't eaten there in years. By the way, Pat Cataan's has a sale for 3 days on their Cricut carts for $20 on select ones. They have some really nice ones. My mother got one for $8 with her $10 certificate while scrappin today! I spent way too much money alreay this month to justify buying one. (Sob!) I finally was able to get the brown and black distress inks. I know, I know, everyone probably has had them forever. I just had other priorities.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Monday, July 11, 2011

All worn out!

I was going to post with some pics, but I am just worn out! I had jump my husband's motorcycle about 5 or 6 times to get it home! He needs to rebuild the carbs on it apparently. Anyway, after we got home, I had to give Sweet Pea (beagle) a flea bath. He is allergic to fleas. I couldn't let him go. I did that stuff you put on their neck, but it doesn't seem to be working all that much. If you are having luck with your flea meds, let me know what it is. Then, I gave him a medicated bath for the itchies. 1 down, and 2 more to go! I have to figure out how to put the meds on my cat without losing an arm. She goes feral when you try to put that stuff on her. After 3 years, she still won't let DH touch her. It's so funny. He tries to pet her, and she takes off running. LOL! He'll have to be satisfied with his dogs.

I'm knitting neck warmer tonite. I frogged the whole thing about 20 inches into it, and I started over. I had made a mistake, and the bottom was bigger than the rest. I figure that if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it right.

Got to go,

Happy Scrappin & Hooking,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Summer Day

I just got done cutting my husband's hair. He looks so much better, because he was growing his hair for Locks of Love. You have to have at least 10 inches long. He no longer looks like a scary biker dude! LOL! (He does ride) I also cut my cockapoo's hair. She really needed a trim! I'm going to work on my sweater today.

I'll post pics tomorrow of some of the stuff that I'm doing. I keep getting a message error when I try to upload the images.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Block Party

I recently went to a block party, and we were playing bingo. They had prizes, and it didn't cost anything to play. One lady kept winning, and she let me pick out a prize. I picked a picture frame.

I was so happy! I don't have plans for it yet, but I am going to embellish it. I just finished my fingerless gloves that I crocheted with my hand painted wool yarn.

This is the first time that I made a pair, and I'm quite happy with them! Here is a pic of the tank top that I am crocheting.

I stopped working on it for a couple of days, because I was thrown for a loop with the extended double crochet. I'm still not quite sure of how to do it. I think once I figure it out, I'm going to make a video showing everyone how to do it.

I have a couple of pics of my bibelot box that we worked on for the book club.

I just covered the front, back, and inside with DCWV paper, and I used a marker to color the sides and pencil holder. I also used sticker ribbon on the paper holder inside.

Next time, I'll show you pics of my album that I've been working on for the book club. I might have a couple of scrapbook pages to show you too.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Friday, July 8, 2011

I recently was awarded these by Candace at / so I am going to pass it along to 7 other blogs after I tell you 7 things about myself for the Versatile Blogger award.

1. My favorite color is blue.

2. I love to read.

3. I love dark hair and blue eyes! (DH has these)

4. I have been married for 17 years!

5. I have a soft spot for the underdog.

6. I love Court Tv.

7. I love watching all of the "Housewives" shows.

I am going to pass these awards to:

Have a nice Day!


Hi everyone,

Hope your fourth was as nice as mine. I have not been feeling well, so I have been very busy crocheting. I have several WIPs right now. The first is a gray mouse cat bed, a sweater that I have been crocheting as my stash allows, and fingerless gloves. In addition to all that, I have several WIPs on my knitting needles as well. I will be having pics as I finish a project. I still haven't had the chance to play with my camcorder, so I will be posting videos in the future. I just came across an extended double crochet stitch that I was not aware of until this tank top pattern in Crochet magazine. I think my first video will how to do an extended double crochet and what it is.

I haven't done much scrapbooking lately, but I am working on organizing and cleaning my craft room. It will be a while for the new craft room to be finished, so I am moving back into my old room. I previously had this brain storm to move all of my scrapbooking stuff into the dining room. Needless to say, you see all this stuff as soon as you hit the door! I am also fining it harder to find my items. I'm hoping that with this move, I can set up my Cricut in a convenient place so that I will use it a lot more. They have a stamping convention in Monroeville, PA this weekend for those of you who are interested. I will not be going as I recently replenished my scrapbooking and crocheting stashes. :) Next weekend, I'll go to Pat Cataan's to scrapbook, and the following weekend, I'll go to the to the book club and the chocolate scrap. There will be chocolate smoothies and Dove chocolates, plus we will be making a recipe album with all of the chocolate recipes from that day inside. All of that for $25 for the scrap and $8 for the book club. I have been working on my album for the book club, and I have decided not to do it just like our teacher's album. It really does remind one of the scrapbook mysteries by Laura Childs. We have been learning how to make different book markers, tags, and we painted our pizza boxes that hold all of our book club supplies. Everything is really cute! Maybe I'll take pics to show you. How many of you read Julia Childs' scrapbooking mysteries? I just downloaded the next book, and I read it in 2 days! I'm waiting for the next one in the mail since they don't have it ebook format yet. I can't wait for the new one to come out in October! I know that I'm behind the times, but I just started reading "The Vampire Diaries". I downloaded the fourth book, but I'm waiting to read that one after the third book in the series arrives in the mail. I'm also a big "Twilight" fan. Maybe I'll do something with a Vampire theme to it as well.

Happy Hooking & Scrappin,


Monday, June 27, 2011

Crop Candy and pages from last Weekend

Hello Scrappers and Hookers,

I went to a crop at Scrapbook Studio in OH last weekend. It was so much fun! We had a blast with the ladies there. They had a drawing every couple of hours, and almost everyone went home with candy. I chose old time stickers that look like vintage christmas stamps.

I did a 2 page layout with a Christmas theme using last year's pics.

I used my Gingerbread Christmas Cart with my Cricut, and I cut the outline of the gingerbread and the house, then I cut the gingerbread people and house out with brown. I used cardstock for the background of the pictures. I used stickers to give it some sparkle. It was a simple layout to do.

Then, I wanted to play with the cricut a little, so I took a little of my vinyl, and I used my Paris cart to cut out the Eifel Tower and an air balloon for wall art for my bedroom.

I also took a pre-made page and added an owl from stampin up to it along with my pics. I had to personalize it of course!

After I took those pics, my camera died,so I have to wait until my batteries charge before I can show you so much more that I've been doing. I was sick all last week, and I apologize for not writing a lot sooner.

I belong to a wonderful book club, and we are learning so many new scrapbooking techniques plus I am taking a class next month on making thrifty gifts. I am also taking a class on making a chocolate cookbook next month. To update you, I did well on my interview for the Pittsburgh and Crochet Show for next year, and I may have more than one crochet class there. So if you go to the show, we may see each other!

Right now, I have about 4 WIPs! I have 2 that are waiting for payday for more yarn, and 2 that are on my knitting needles that I switch on and off to. I am crocheting a cat bed for my beautiful siamese Jinxie and a sweater for myself. I am knitting a baby blanket and a cowl. I have no idea what will be next. I was trying to knit a pair of socks, but they weren't turning out at all, and I frogged it. I am reading Death Swatch by Laura Childs. It's a scrapbooking mystery series set in New Orleans. This series is what our book club is based on. I will have to show you some of the things that we have done next post.

Happy Scrappin and Hookin,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduation Paper Bag Photo Album

My DH and I just went to a friend's daughters' graduation party this past weekend. We had a blast. They had a nice spread, and they even had Bruster's ice cream being served by a Bruster's employee as a gift for the graduate, because she works for them. Anyway, I decided that I was going to make my first paper bag album, and it turned out so nice that we gave it to her as her gift. She loved it. Here are the pics of the album:

I used 3 large paper bags that you get from the grocery store. I laid them together opposite sides together. I punched three holes in the thickest part of the bags and laced it with ribbons to hold it together. I used DCWV paper to cover the all the pages and covers. I used cardstock for the picture layouts. I used my cricut to cut out the dog. I can't remember all of the names of the embellies I used on it, but I especially like the school books and tote bag on the one page.

I finally got my video camera, but it was too late for this project. I will make another one so I can record it, and put it up on my blog. Tomorrow, I will be interviewing for a teaching position for the Annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show. Wish me luck! I've never done this before.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


Monday, May 30, 2011

Beautiful Day Today!

My DH and I took the boat out for the first time today. We were able to get it up to 28 mph, not bad for an old boat. We had so much fun. We were out on the water for 4 hours! We decided that 4 hours was too long for us. We both have fibro, and our pain was way up by that time. We decided to take it out more often for less time. We want to get a tow-behind to make it more fun. I saw a hot dog tow-behind in the water today! I have been wanting one for years! I think it would be too hard for me to use now though. I would have to try it. My DH treated me to subs and drinks afterwards so I didn't have to cook. I don't think I could've cooked if I tried. LOL! I could barely walk. But we had so much fun it was worth it. We haven't done anything together like that in a long time. We plan on going to see a movie tomorrow. I'm excited about that too. I have to drag my DH to go to the movie theater. Since it's a holiday, he'd rather relax than go anywhere, especially after today.

I was going to show you some pics of the paper bag album for the graduation party that we're invited to, but I forgot to charge my camera batteries. I apologize, and I am charging them overnight right now. I will have pics tomorrow. I thought that the album was enough of a gift, but my DH believes we should still put a small amount of cash inside. I think I'm going to have to go to a crop within the next week or two. It's been too long since I've been to a crop. I need to get some basic supplies like paper stickers, embellies, etc. I'm on a budget of $20 a month! I'm really going to have to be creative to get what I need.

I hope everyone got outside and enjoyed the day today if it was nice out where you live.

Happy Scrappin and Hookin,


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tuesday Morning

I picked up a cute mini album for $1.99 at Tuesday Morning. See below:

I think it was well worth the money. I haven't figured out what to use it for yet. I started my first paper bag album today. It's going to be a graduation present. I decided to make it more girly than the traditional black and white. I will be posting pics on the next blog. I will also be posting pics of the crochet rose pin I crocheted yesterday. I ran out of red thread, so I used green. It looks kind of neat. You'll have to let me know what you think. It also looks really pretty as a bracelet.

My DH and I will be going out on the boat tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be up to posting tomorrow. We decided to go to a movie on Memorial Day and relax. I wanted to go to the beach, but the water is too high and the ph is messed up from all of the rain! Yuck! The indoor pool we always go to is being remodeled, and won't be done until July 4th. Between the rain and the remodel, most of the summer will be gone before we can go swimming.

Enough complaining, I'm just happy to be alive and well. I have to start walking on the treadmill. Apparently, both my DH and I are pre-diabetic from being overweight and not eating right. We have started to eat better, but it's hard to exercise when your body is screaming in pain or you get a migraine from exercise. Without the exercise, I can only eat one meal a day with a small healthy snack to lose weight, which I know isn't healthy. I need to go back on Weight Watchers again to help motivate me. I just don't have $40 a month. I might give TOPS a try for $20 a year and $2.00 dues a month. I can still follow WW plan while in TOPS. However, I do better on Tops diet. I got almost to goal with tops, I lost over 50 pounds eons ago. I like going to the national recognition awards. They're a lot of fun!

I'm working on crocheting a beaded necklace that's turning out to be really pretty. I made it about 18 inches long. I hate short necklaces. I want to make some more necklaces, earrings, and a couple of rings before the 15th when I try out for the Pittsburgh crochet show. I will be showing my work as I completed it.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend,