Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snuggles Bear Den Community

I just joined Snuggles Bear Den Community.  They send you surveys, coupons, and free products to try.  You may receive a free stuffed Snuggle bear for registering.  Why not sign up?  I love Snuggle fabric softener.  I love the smell and how soft my clothes are.  Here is the link:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Bear Den" width="125" height="125" /></a>

I hope you enjoy it!



I will be posting pics of the new yarn and books that I have ordered.  I am waiting for them to come in.  I may change the name of my blog since I seem to be doing more crocheting and knitting than scrapbooking or cardmaking at the moment.  However, I still do that too.  Any suggestions on names that could include both?



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review of Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food!

I received a package from Crowdtap of Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food Products.  They sent me a bag of cat food, 2 cans of food, and a bag of treats for my Jinxie to try.  I've shown Jinxie before in my blog.  Their cat food is grain free, and they sent me the Natural Chicken and potatoe Recipe Dry food.  Jinxie loves it.  I couldn't get a pic of her eating it though.  She thought something was up, because I normally leave her alone when she eats, unless I want to give her medicine.  She's too smart!

She loved the Gourmet Tuna Recipe Wet food!  It was a large can, and she ate the whole thing all at once both times!  There was also a laser pointer, but she looks to find the source, and she knows it's you.  She won't chase it.  Like I said she's too smart!  I gave it to my mother who has a kitten, and she loves it.  I love the seal on the bag of cat food!  It's like a velcro seal!  You just pull it apart and press it together to seal it again!  Love it!  They should all have it.  My cat won't eat stale food.

My cat loves the food, which is the most important part.  If she doesn't like it, we don't buy it.

I received this as a promotiotional product, and the review is my opinion.  I did not receive any pay for this review.