Monday, August 29, 2011

ATC Cards Made for the First Time!

Hi everyone! I just learned how to make ATC cards. For those of you who don't know what they are. They are 2 1/2 in. by 3 1/2 in. cards made out of file folder material or out of playing cards. You decorate them all identical in sets, and then number them in the order they were made. For instance, 1 out of 10, 2 out of 10, etc. Then you sign your name on the back of the card. People trade these cards all over the world. You keep them in plastic sleeves to protect them. You can use rolodexes to store them, or 7 gypsies has a storage system for them. You can also store them in tins. Some people prefer library drawers. They are very collectible, and some are very valuable and worth a lot of money. One that I know of just sold for almost $300, because of the rare picture of a rare horse on it. You just never know. So start saving all your tiny pieces of ephemera, hardware, etc. You will need it for these ATC's. These are so much fun, and a good part of the fun is trading them for cards that you want that you didn't make. It also feels great when someone else loves your art. Here are some pics of my cards from the class that I'm in.

Can you tell how excited I am? I know they have been out there a while, but they are new to me. I was just starting to get interested, and they introduced them to us at our scrapbooking Mystery book club at the Scrapbook Studio in Niles, OH. I love that store. I am hoping I can take the class on making 2 albums from paper only for $25, and they provide all the materials. Along with making the albums, they teach you about weight, and how to make pockets, tags, movable parts, etc. You learn so much! There's also a class for breast cancer for $25, and you get the I-rock tool, the jewels, and a template with the jewels! I think it's well worth taking just for the product! It sounds like a lot of fun too. Take along a survivor or someone going thru cancer with you.

I have a pic of my latest crochet project. I made sock monkey water bottle holders for myself and my mother. Everyone loved them at the Scrapbook Studio. I will make them for anyone who wants them for $4.50. Shipping will be negible and at cost. I will also be selling them in my Etsy store in Pynoblem's Etsy Store. I will accept Paypat, cash, money order, or cashier's check.

I have wonderful pics of my father and mother holding my granddaughter. They would be her great grandparents. The pics are below. Isabella is now 1 month old!

The young lady opening the gift is Jeni the mother of my grandbaby. Our family bought her a stroller with a carseat and a base for the carseat with Pooh bear of course!

I made a bunch of miniature die cuts with my Cricut today, and I'll be working with my friend Anne and hopefully my mother tomorrow afternoon on our ATC's. Anne is really talented and artistic, and it's starting to rub off on us. LOL! I just bought some wonder Red Heart Collage yarn. The color is Art. I got it on sale at Ollie's for $1.99! a skein. I also bought a pound of baby yarn (purple) for $8. That wasn't so much a great deal, but I needed baby yarn for all of the projects for Isabella that I want to make. I even have plans for when she is a couple of years old! Is this normal?

Gotta go, it's getting late.

Happy Scrapping and Hookin,


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a new Grandmother!

Isabella Rose born on 7/27/11! She was born with a full head of hair just like her daddy! I have been so busy with her birth and my son moving back home again. I apologize for not keeping up with the site. I am having difficulty with uploading pics. You can see her pics up on my facebook page.

I did go to the Dove chocolate crop where we made a mini album of all the Dove chocolate recipes that we tasted at the crop. We all had such a good time. It took place at the Scrapbook Studio Cafe in Niles, OH. They have been having a ton of classes, and we have been learning so much! I don't know how to fix this picture thing. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. It's been over a month now since I have been able to post a picture. I may have to move to another site, and I really don't want to do that. I am learning how to bind books with paper to make them really strong. Once I feel comfortable, I want to make a video to demonstrate how to do this technique. Please let me know what other types of videos you would like to see.

Keep in mind for those of you who crochet or knit, I will also be making how-to videos. So please feel free to request certain videos.

Happy Scrappin and Hookin,