Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crochet Along Hosted by Red Heart Yarn and

As you can see from the title, I entered the contest put on by and Redheart Yarn.  You have until May 31rst to crochet the Good Morning Sunshine mug cozy and provide a link to your blog along with a pic.  The prize is a huge bag filled with all types of Red Heart yarn valued at over $100!  It's the same bag being given away on the Crochet Crowd's Cruise!  I really hope I win!!!!

Here is a pic of my finished Sunshine cozy:

I'm still working on the entrelac afghan.  I want to enter it in the local fairs if possible when I'm done.  I think this is the best one that I've done yet!  I may have an order for a sweater for a little girl.  I do take any and all orders for crochet.    There is a link for my Etsy store at Cropperhopper's Projects.  I have been very busy crocheting lately.  Unfortunately, the afghan takes forever to crochet.

I finished a tank top for my mother, but I keep forgetting to have her try it on.  If it doesn't fit, I'll give it to my sister as a gift.  :)  It calls for elastic in the back, but I want to wait and see if it needs it.  It doesn't look like it will.  I have a few items on my list to crochet.  I want a nice warm pair of slippers.  My feet are always cold, since I have been on coumidan.  I want to make a few potholders and dishclothes.  Tawashis are always needed, and there is a beautiful cardigan that I have my eye on in the Vogue Crochet summer issue.  I even have an idea of the color and where to purchase the yarn cheap.  I know as soon as I make it, my mother is going to want one.  :) 

I'm thinking of starting a book club where we read a book every 2 or 3 weeks and crochet patterns to go along with the books.  Is anyone interested?  Let me know.

Happy Hooking & Scrappin,