Friday, April 15, 2011

Pics of Cancer Cap and Mug Cozy

Here are the pics of the cancer cap and the mug cozy that I crocheted the other day. I finally was able to get a couple of batteries to charge for my camera. I went to a scrapbook session at my local library yesterday, and it was very nice. The lady who put it on had everything laid out real nice and orderly. She had all the basic supplies and how-to books available for beginners. The only thing I think they should change is the time. It was for an hour. We would like it to last for 3 to 3 1/2 hours if possible so that we have more time to finish projects, not to mention that having the lady lay out all of the supplies for 1 hour is a bit much!

I am selling the Cancer Cap for $8 plus 2.50 shipping in the US on

I am selling the Mug Cozy for 4.50 plus 2.50 shipping in the US on

I spent a good part of the day outside today. What a beautiful day! When I got home, I opened a good part of the windows to air the house out and to cool it down. I just renewed my license, and had my photo taken. I can't believe how much older I look in such a short period of time! I will be scrapping from 12-5 tomorrow at Pat Cataan's so I probably won't post until late, if at all. Scrapping that long pretty much takes every thing out of me.

Happy Scrappin and Hookin,


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  1. what great projects...sharing some blog love from the getting cricky link up