Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung Layout

I made this LO with DCWV paper I cut DCWV paper for the picture background and for the flower punches. I used a marker to draw the flower stems. I used the Animal Kingdom cart for the cricut to cut the Elephant at about 5 1/4 inches on Core-dinations paper. I used sandpaper to bring the pink out on the face and on the edges of the elephant.

I am knitting right now, but I am having a few problems. I am going to finish what I started for now, and not frog it. I have frogged about 3 times so far. I want to see what mistakes I'm making, and if I can correct them. I am so excited to be knitting. I tried to learn about 16 years ago, but I would get it, and then it would go right out of my mind and I couldn't do it. Now that I am teaching myself at an older age, it seems easier. :) I like the idea of using less yarn, but I think I will always be a crocheter at heart. I love quick and easy. Sometimes though, you want it to look like it came from a store. That's why I'm learning how to knit. Hope you had a wonderful day. It was a bad pain day with all the rain, but a great day for knitting and crocheting.

I just want to start working on the spare bedroom. We decided that since no one ever stays here that we are converting that room to my scrapbooking room! I don't know if I want to paint it pink or blue. My DH is custom building a desk that will span across the room in front of the window to let natural light in. I just need to clear the room of all our old clothes and the spare daybed. We also have 2 dressers, and I'm thinking that I will get rid of one of them. However, I am keeping the antique one for storage of my equipment. Right now, I am scattered all over the dining room, and it's still not enough storage for me. My DH is so sweet! He is disabled from chronic pain, and he wants to do all this for me, with my help of course. I first started out in a small cubbyhole craft space in the computer room, and it was plenty of space. I remember thinking that I would never have what everyone else had. So if you are just starting up, keep at it and look for the sidewalk sales where you can buy things by the bag full. Some stores have yard sales. Always check the clearance bins first. Always try to use the coupons and sign up for the newsletters. Eventually, you will wonder how in the world you ever came to get so much stuff.
I will have another project for tomorrow.

Happy Scrappin and Hookin,



  1. My fibro is flaring up this week, too! Makes crafting such a pain :( I just taught myself and my daughter how to knit this winter!! I love it but I have trouble finding great patterns. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I get most of my patterns free online. Try different yarn stores online and allfreeknitting.com.