Monday, April 4, 2011

New Crochet Project

I just started crocheting a sweater in the April issue of "Intereweave's Crochet" magazine, pg 45. I am substituting an acrylic sports yarn, but I did a gauge swatch, and I am using an E hook instead of a g hook. I think it may still be too small for me, but perfect for either my daughter or sister for X-mas. I may even sell it on I am meeting with my knit/crochet group tomorrow, and then my friend and I are going to a quality yarn shop about 45 minutes away that I have never been to. I always used to buy the cheapest yarn available, but as I get older I am learning that it is worth it to pay a little more for the better quality yarns. I am taking some of my project magazines with me to see if I can find some for the projects that I have been wanting to try. I made a birthday card yesterday for my mother using the bunny Sixxix die-cut several times to layer the colors for both the bunny and the flower. I then embossed flowers on the inside of the card. I cut out sayings and glued them on the front and inside of the card. I would take a pic, but I gave it to her right afterwards. LOL I need to start making things in advance, so that everyone can see what I do. I am going to scrapbook next Thursday and Saturday, so I should have lots of pics for you to see.

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