Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flowers in Bloom 2 Page LO

I completed a 2 page lo using felt to make the flowers. I stitched the stems onto the paper, and I sewed the flowers on too. To make the flowers, just cut some triangles of felt and stitch them together using a running stitch. once they are all strung together, pull tightly, and they will form the flower. Tie the knot. You can put another piece of felt in the center or sew a button in the center to add more bling.

To make the lace paper on the 2nd page, I used an edging punch. I also used a stampin up punch for the owl where I made a boo boo with the edging punch to hide the boo boo. LOL! I just used scrapbooking paper for the picture lo. I do not know the manufacturer of the papers, because my friend provided all of the papers and ideas for the LO, but of course I had to modify it and do my own thing. I never follow instructions to a T. I have to be creative and make a project mine. Are there any of those of you out there like that? Please let me know. I think I like the last project better. Let me know if you like the green project or the this flower project better.

Keep Scrappin & Hooking,


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