Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mother's Day Card and WIP

I know Mother's day is past and Father's day is coming up, however, I actually bought a Father's day card.  I found one that I couldn't resist!  I made a card for my mom, and I remembered to get a picture before I gave it to her.

I used the Winnie the Pooh and Friends cart.  I think the log was 4 1/2 inches and Pooh was cut at 3 1/2 inches.  I used the layer function with Pooh.  This card was very easy to make!    I made another one for my mother-in-law.  I lost my mother's day present though.  Do you ever do that?  I cleaned, and I put her gift up in a safe place.  When I went to wrap it, I ended searching for hours, and I finally gave up.  I figure it will turn up eventually.  I was disappointed though.  I really was excited to give her gift.

My sister earned her second MA in working and teaching learning disabled children.  I made a teal and yellow shawl that can also be used as a cowl.  Here is a pic:

I'm currently working on another shawl for me, a kitty, a summer hat, etc.  I'm starting to get bored.  I haven't been feeling well, and all I've been doing is crocheting!  I entered a contest put on by DCWV and Maya Roads, and I made a scrapbook.  I wasn't able to enter my pics on time, however, and they aren't posted.  I'm having difficulty sending them to them.  They don't want to attach to my email!  I did all that work, and I can't even show off!!!  I post pics next time.

Happy Scrapping and Hooking,


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