Friday, June 29, 2012

Huge Giveaway Ends Today! has a huge awesome candy basket that she is giving away.  Today is the last day to enter!  It is her blogiversary.  Congrats!  Good luck to everyone who enters!  Sorry about the late notice, but I just found out about it.

I just watched the fireworks put on by Quaker Stake and Lube in Sharon, PA, and they were beautiful!

This is just a sample!

The pics were taken from our front porch, so they were much bigger if you were closer.

I'm busy working on my Etsy order, and it's coming along great.  We're putting our canopy up tomorrow for the fourth.  We may go to the beach for a while, who knows?  I haven't been to the beach in years.  It's been too long.

I'm looking forward to getting back to scrapping again in a couple of weeks.  I need to go to the store and scrap again for a while.  While my room is being renovated, I think it's easier to scrap there.  I'm putting off the renovation for a few months while I purchase a spinning wheel.  The wheel has been on my wish list for years, and I found one that I can actually afford!  I'm jumping on it with both feet!

I can't wait to start spinning my own yarn!  I want to make my creations, and dye them to my specifications and desires.  I think it will be much cheaper in the long run to make my own skeins.  Who knows, some of my skeins may appear on my Etsy store if I get good enough.  I just need to find some sheep & alpaca farmers that are local and are willing to wheel and deal!

I felt much better today.  I was actually able to get some housecleaning done.  Yeah!  I had to sort through my yarn stash and organize it.  I'm starting to get quite a collection of magazines and books.  I'm going to have to find a home for them.  I'm thinking of getting rid of about 200 books, because I have my e reader.  I figure that I'll never be able to read all my books on that let alone what I have on the bookshelf.  I just want to keep my faves.  What do you think?

Have a nice weekend!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


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