Friday, June 22, 2012

Free Paper from Colorbok!

Colorbok has a new membership panel that you can join, and for participation you will receive a paper pack to get you started!  Periodically, you will receive products to test or review just for being a member.  Go to their facebook page and sign up by taking the survey!

I was outside the other day, and I took some pics of my yellow roses.  I bought these roses from Sam's Club for $4, and now they're almost taller than me!  I have to prune them back this year.  I'm not sure how to go about it without killing them.  Any advice would be appreciated.

The above LO was completed with paper donated by DCWV.  I'm not sure which paper stack it was from since they sent me paper from mixed stacks.  I used a Sizzix flower die-cut to cut the flower and I used the center of the flower on the page as well.  I used a BoBunny butterfly button and glued it inside the large pink flower.  I embossed the cardstock as well as punched the corners with a punch on the cardstock behind the picture.  I used a creative memories corner rounder punch on the picture.  I used a peel and stick ribbon from the dollar store.  I also used a cute cone brad from a travel pack that was bought at Ollie's a year ago.

A lot of people think you have to spend a lot of money on paper and glue.  However, I went shopping today at the dollar store and scored!

All of this cost $5!  I bought pastel cardstock (acid free) 12x12 and 8x10 (both match!).  I bought 100 sticky large sticky squares that I will probably cut up smaller.  The bags are different sizes and are resealable.  I will also use these for jewelry making and crochet jewelry.  The scotch scissors are for my crochet and knitting, but would have cost $5 or more in a regular store.  They also had Jolee stickers, inks, beads, more cardstock, you name it!

I had a heck of a time with a certain bank.  I'll give you a hint (it has 3 letters), in the western PA area.  Their policy is that if an unauthorized transaction is pending, they will withdraw the funds from your account, and if funds are unavailable, then you will receive overdraft fees on your account.  The overdraft fees are YOUR responsibility!!!  It is a courtesy, and totally up to the rep as to whether or not they reverse these fees if the transaction never goes thru.  If the transaction never goes thru, you can't contest it and the overdraft fees won't be reversed or included in the fraud.

It is quite a racket that this particular bank has going.  They could only tell me the state and city the company was located in.  They didn't have a legitimate address or phone number.  However, I was able to email them and threatened them with a lawsuit for the overdraft fees and pain and suffering if they didn't remove it from my account, because the longer it was there, the more the overdraft fees.  By this time, it was the 3rd time contacting this particular bank.  I happen to know that 2 other banks do not operate like this, and would not let the customer get shafted because a computer can not tell the difference between a fraudulent pending draft and a real one.  I must also tell you that the customer service and management online was rude and disrepectful implying that I probably authorized it and was lying, and continued to put me down for over an hour!

Long story short, I just had it fixed today, after the company removed the pending authorization, and after the 4th time contacting the bank.  However, I believe that I will no longer be a customer.  I will find a bank with more ethical practices and urge you to do the same, especially if you are on a budget as well.  I urge everyone that reads this to check your bank policies on fraudulent charges pending, and write to your bank or switch banks if they have the same practice!!!!  If enough people do this, they will change this policy, because they do not want to lose our business.

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