Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glad to Be Alive! & Please send cards for Aunt with Cancer!

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a little over a week since I have posted. I had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in my lungs and arteries. It was touch and go last Monday. The docs didn't know if I was going to make it. I knew I would though. I remember thinking that they were crazy, because I wasn't going anywhere. It was a scary experience. I am only 40 years old. The symptoms that I had, I simply explained away with fibro and a virus that I thought that I still had. If you are short of breath just walking across the room, your heart races, any of your extremities go numb, and you get nausea or vomiting. These are the signs of a PE. Also look for extreme pain in your legs. They still don't know where the clots came from. However, I am still here (god willing), and I am now on a diet, going to quit smoking the e-cig, and I will start exercising once I am healed. They said I didn't have a heart attack, but my heart tested as if I did. I wonder what is in store for me. I believe that I have a higher purpose to fulfill.

Anyhoo, I am eagerly awaiting a copy of the February issue of Cards magazine and the Yours Truly paper pack. I won these from the Northridge Publishing company. I was really lucky right before I almost died. Strange isn't it? Tomorrow is pay day, and I am going to load up on rechargeable batteries so that I can start to make my videos and take pics. I am having troubles loading my pics onto my blog. Is anyone else having the same problem? I can't get any of my pics to load. I'll have to fix this before I take more. I just finished crocheting a purse for my aunt. She asked for one, when she saw the one I made for my daughter for Christmas. My aunt only has 4 or 5 more chemo treatments, then she'll be done. Pray that she'll be cancer free. If you want to send cards to her to cheer her up, Her address is:
Theresa Lalic
647 Baldwin Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146
She has colon cancer, and she is mentally challenged. She has been feeling depressed lately, and could use a boost.
I don't have anything on my hooks yet today, but I will find something. I'm currently reading a Laura Childs book, "Bedeviled Eggs". It's a country restaurant murder mystery series. I absolutely love her books. She also has a scrapbook series too. Her latest book in the scrapbook series was released last October. I have yet to acquire that book. I'm dying to be creative, but I can't get upstairs to my stuff yet.

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


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