Monday, February 6, 2012

Chocolate Valentine Candy

Friday, I bought the candy chips at Pat Cataan's. I already had candy molds for Valentine's day that I had never used, so I got them out yesterday. I put the candy in microwave bowls, and microwaved them for 30s at a time. Every time they were done, I would take them out and stir them. I did this until the chocolate melted.

When the chocolate was melted, I took a large spoon and spooned the chocolate into the molds. I then placed the molds into the freezer while I did the next one. I only had 2 molds. By the time the second mold was done, the first one was completely set. The candy just pops out of the molds! It was so easy! I'm going to make my own Easter candy too. I found out that you can buy different fillings such as peanut butter cup filling to put in the middle layer. I made red lips, sayings such as I love you, be my valentine, etc. The red chocolate is white chocolate, and I used milk chocolate too.

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I have just started to move around the house, and get some small housework done. I haven't attempted the stairs yet. I can't wait to scrap and stamp again!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


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