Monday, September 3, 2012

Studio in Progress!

I finally started cleaning out one of our bedrooms to be turned into my studio!  Yeah!!  My husband set up the air conditioner, and we put Xmas stuff in the attic.  I set up a card table temporarily until I have funds for a nice table.  I couldn't find my Cricut carts, but I didn't let that stop me.  I scrapped 4 or 5 pages today.  I did make one card.  Fibro is high today, so no pics.  I will be working on the room a little each day to set it up the way that I want.  There will be videos soon.  I want to start making crochet videos too.

This humidity is killer for fibro and arthritus!  I can't wait until the end of the week.  The hurricane's leftovers will have passed by then.  On my Etsy site, I have shipping already included in the purchase price!  I thought that might make it easier to decide whether or not you would like to buy something.  I hate figuring in shipping when I'm shopping.  Sometimes, the shipping makes or breaks the deal.

I am steadily working on a crocheted sweater from the Spring 2012 Crochet Magazine. It's a Shamrock lace sweater made with Paton's wool.  It reminds me of cosmopolitan ice cream, because it's brown, pink, and a raspberry color.  It's only missing the vanilla!

I have a huge hatbox full of embellies, and I have a large plastic box full of embellies.  You can never have enough, can you?  I also found that I lack Christmas and Halloween papers.  I need to buy a stack next month for both.

Happy Memorial Day,


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