Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yarn blitz!

I recently went to Jo-Annes Fabric store, and I bought a ton of yarn on sale.  I already went through 2 skeins of Patons for my sweater.  I need to buy 2 or 3 more skeins to finish it.  Here are some pics of what it looks like so far.  It was in the Crochet Magazine about 2 months ago.

I also have pics of the yarn stash that I bought.  All together with a coupon, 10% discount, and 30 to 50% off all of the other yarns, I only paid around $33 for everything!

I can't wait to try the Sashay yarn!  I think I'll make a scarf.  I bought the towel to cut in 1/2 and crochet a topper for it.  I'll also make a tawashi and dishcloth in matching colors for a set.  I only paid $2 for the towel at Wal-Mart, and I'll get 2 sets out of it!  You will see it for sale on my Etsy account at  I'm listed under CropperhopperStuff on  All of the items that are for sale already have the shipping added unless you are an international buyer.  I do sell bulk items for stores that would like to carry my merchandise.  I also do request orders for just about anything you would like made, and in your colors.

I have started to crochet a Poncho with the blue Wool-Ease.  It's a free pattern on the Lion Brand website.  The official name is Curvy Girl Intertwined Poncho.  It generally fits all, but it can be expanded or shrunk down by adding or subtracting the stitches in the width of the panels between the cables.  It also can be shortened for more petite ladies.

I started scrappin again, but more on that tomorrow!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


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