Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am currently working on a crocheted lace wedding dress for a 7 inch doll.  I ran out of yarn, and will buy some more tomorrow to finish it.  I also need to buy some more sock yarn to finish a shawl.  It seems that I've been running out of yarn just before I can finish my projects lately.  I do have a crocodile stitch purse that I need to finish yet.

It's been really hot and humid, which discourages me from doing much.  I'm busy trying to sort through household items and donating them.  I need to get rid of the clutter!  :)  I'm sure there are those of you that are doing the same.

My daughter is coming to stay for a few nights while dh is on his motorcycle trip, and we plan to work on the scrapbook room.  I'm so excited!  I can't wait until that room starts to come together.  I have tons of stuff that need to be hung in that room like magazine holders, file holders, etch.  I recently picked up a beautiful blue post board from JoAnne's Fabric.  That room is going to come together in no time!

I've discovered that I have a pension for hoarding books!  I am trying to get away from books, because I can just get them on my e-reader, and they don't take up space.  As I sort, however, I keep finding lots of books that I don't want to part with or at least until I've read them.  I couldn't read all of my books in my lifetime!  I'm definitely trying to get rid of 2 bookcases!

I just bought spellbinders shapeabilities Nested Owl set!  I can't wait to use them for LOs and cards!  I only paid $14, and that included shipping.  I won a prize package from doing a blog hop, and I'm waiting for my candy to come in to see what I won.  I love getting goodies in the mail.  Even if you think you will never win, you should apply for things.  I win free stuff in spurts.  I might go a month or 2 without winning, and then all of a sudden I win a couple of things in a row!  It's pretty exciting!

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


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