Monday, February 24, 2014

Jane Green House Party Pack Received!!!

I am so excited!  I just received my House Party pack containing author Jane Green's newest novel, her last book, tea, and cookies.  Here is a pic.

My pretty girl Jinxie is checking out the pack too!  I just finished crocheting a sweater and a matching purse.  I will have to post pics of these next time.  I haven't taken any yet.  Mom just received her new right knee, and she is doing well.  I haven't been scrappin lately, but I have continued to stock up on supplies of course.  I'm hoping to have a good turn out for the party.  Everyone will receive Jane Green's last book and an excerpt from her new book.  Plus, I will be giving out the new book "Resisting Temptation" as a door prize!  We will have a discussion about the excerpt from the new book, and if they want they can discuss the prior book as well.

My pharmacy overdosed me with my pain meds, so I've been going thru withdrawls and hell since.  The only thing I have done lately is starting to crochet a new lace shawl.

Gotta go,

Happy Scrappin & Hookin,


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