Thursday, February 19, 2015

Me and My BFF!

I've known my BFF all my life, because she's my mother.  We weren't always BFF's, but after adventures together, chronic illnesses, etc we have become each other's BFF.  My mother and I would always get into trouble together from when I was a teen on.  We would decide to go somewhere, and we would get so lost that we had no idea where we were hours later on back roads in the country in the dark.  We laughed for weeks if not months later, and it is our private joke that we never know where we will end up when we decide to go somewhere.  If I tell my dh that I'm going to mom's, he knows not to expect me anytime soon or on a deadline.  My mother and I will never end up doing what we said we are going to do.  We always find something to get into, and we have a ball doing it.  

We found that when we both had illnesses that our friends sort of dropped off, but we still had each other. We found hobbys that we had in common, and this has brought us closer together too.  I'm glad that my mother is my BFF, because I have come to know her better than most daughters and mothers get to know each other.

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